Company history


Company formation The logo with the red circles around the black house represents the 5 fingers of a hand holding the home. The mission then and now is to support people with their autonomy, especially with activities of everyday living and in their own home – hence our tagline, "your home at your hands".


The focus at the start of the company's history is a commitment to facilitating barrier-free living with top partners such as Eaton, Sensio, Wolfsburg AG and Invacare GmbH. Those efforts culminated in the development in cooperation with the German Muscular Disease Association of a comprehensive living concept that has never stopped evolving in step with the latest advances in technology.


Ideation and development of MyEcc, an eye-controlled wheelchair control module, all the way to launch and delivery to the first user in November 2016.


Media attention and growing demand for MyEcc make it possible: a showroom is opened in the Konrad Hornschuch business park in Urbach and additional staff are hired. For the first time, Thomas Rosner now has sales support and a dedicated software developer. The MyEnvi environment control system is born – and has been continuously upgraded and adapted ever since in response to users’ needs.


The product range now boasts MyStick, a sip ‘n’ puff input device for interaction not only with desktop computers but also with tablets, game consoles and many other devices.
The company receives the Bridge Award in tribute to its efforts to promote inclusion through individualized assistive technology.


MyEcc Pupil is launched, but with a different frame back then. More employees join the company, including marketing staff and infield support serving the Bavarian area. New international partnerships are forged and consolidated, bringing HomeBraceGermany products not only to neighboring EU countries but as far afield as Australia, the U.S. and Brazil.


As the team grows, the office moves into the former showroom. This year sees the HomeBrace family expand to include 5 new jobs (technical office, 2 product specialists, online content manager, salesperson). HomeBraceGermany receives the Focus Open Award for the proprietary new design of MyEcc Pupil and the German Design Award in the Healthcare category. It is also voted one of the top 10 companies in Baden-Wuerttemberg. The HomeBrace Academy is established.


Three new staff join the team, including the company’s first QM & Compliance expert. The office moves to the Röhm business park in Schorndorf. A Swiss affiliate, HomeBrace Global AG, is set up in the fall.


HomeBrace celebrates its 10-year anniversary and changes its company form from UG (haftungsbeschränkt) to GmbH (limited liability company) in autumn.