The HomeBrace environment control app
gives you freedom and independence refundable

User interface on the smartphone
Control using the joystick of your electric wheelchair, chin joystick, head control solution or micro joystick
Control with scanning using a switch, sensor or sip 'n' puff system
Eyegaze control
Voice input control

You can connect the MyEnvi environment control system to doors, windows, your phone, radio, TV or any other electrical devices around you. The device controls are really easy to set up and adjust, using infrared and ELDAT for remote control. You can control your environment via phone and tablet using the joystick of your electric wheelchair, by scanning with a sip and puff system, switch or voice input system.

You can also access MyEnvi directly in eyegaze controlled communication solutions like Grid 3, Tobli Dynavox interfaces or - whatever system you use - bring it up in your web browser and control it by moving your eyes.

Also available as MyEnvi Mobile for mounting to your wheelchair.

User interface tablet User interface smartphone Image of MyEnvi mobile Image of MyEnvi
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