The HomeBrace environment control app
gives you freedom and independence refundable

User interface on the smartphone
Control using the joystick of your electric wheelchair, chin joystick, head control solution or micro joystick
Control with scanning using a switch, sensor or sip 'n' puff system
Eyegaze control
Voice input control

The MyEnvi environment control module is an assistive device with a unique range of user options.

If your mobility is impaired because of conditions like multiple sclerosis (MS) or other muscular disorders, you can use the MyEnvi environment control unit to adjust your bed the way you like it, use a call button, switch your light on and off as you choose, and operate many other electronic devices such as your phone, radio and TV with the options available to you. For example, you can use the joystick of your power chair or an additional switch or sensor with the aid of our scanning module. A text-to-speech feature makes it easier to use if your vision is impaired. In fact, MyEnvi is fully functional with voice control alone. You can also control MyEnvi using eye gaze, directly in communication resources like Grid 3, Tobii Dynavox interfaces or across systems via web browser - an option many people with ALS like to use.

The user surface is very easy to personalize - by adding devices, assigning names, or even creating images that you can use to highlight buttons.

Also available as MyEnvi Mobile for mounting to your wheelchair.

User interface tablet User interface smartphone Image of MyEnvi mobile
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