Here's what the media and our customers have been saying about what we do...

April 2021

"It's so great that your focus is on the person and you improve the quality of life with all the possibilities you have at your disposal.
Once again a big thank you"

January 2021

"A really very good team.
Individually I was provided with the environment control, even is always an extension of the aids possible, really ingenious, the technology is very helpful for me as a spastic paralyzed patient and facilitates everyday life."

Facebook user
April 2019

"Thomas has changed the life of our Liam! Driving his wheelchair finally alone and only with his eyes. THANKS."

V. F.
February 2019

"The QuadStick works perfectly whether for working on my PC or playing on PS4. I downloaded the software and have already adjusted the QuadStick to suit my needs."

Facebook user
February 2017

„Fast and friendly support
Fast delivery and super communication with the medical supply store. Keep up the good work.“

Facebook user
January 2017

„It gives me back some qualitty of life. Great“

Facebook user
August 2016

„The Rolls-Royce of environment control solutions! I can recommend this company in every way, because the work they do is absolutely reliable.“

Facebook user
June 2016

„The best there is for me, gives me some of my life back thanks“