Compact seminars

At the HomeBrace Academy, specialist retailers have the opportunity to receive comprehensive training on our products.
We provide one-day crash courses for the following product categories:

Special wheelchair control models

MyEcc + MyEcc Pupil

Installation (chair control parameters, editing control buttons/switch, seat adjustment, driving, robotic arm)

R-Net programming

Basic information MyEcc Pupil
Environment control + human interface devices

MyEnvi + MyStick

Human interface options (touch, scanning, voice)

Connection options (WiPi, home WiFi, Bluetooth)

Grid adaptation and parameter setting
Communications + Grid3 starter course

MyBrace Display

Alea integration options

Grid 3 starter course (creating a grid, integrating human interface options, online grids)


Mit der HomeBrace Academy Plus haben spezialisierte HomeBrace-Partner die Möglichkeit, ihre Fähigkeiten der Sondersteuerung via With the HomeBrace Academy Plus, specialized HomeBrace partners have the opportunity to expand their capabilities for this special control via eye movement.

Special wheelchair control

MyEcc Pupil

Advanced basics for fitting / testing the MyEcc Pupil Disease patterns and their particularities during testing Phototropic lenses ↔ lenses with prescription (with the involvement of a master optician) Delivery and instruction of the customer and, if necessary, relatives.

After successful completion of the Academy Plus seminar, participants receive a personalized certificate. This certificate qualifies the participant to independently perform consultations, tests and installations / deliveries of the MyEcc Pupil special wheelchair control system.

Participants who successfully complete training will receive a personalized certificate for the relevant product category.
Participants of the HomeBrace Academy automatically take part in our partner program with all the resulting advantages of marketing and sales.

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The seminars of the HomeBrace Academy take place in a family atmosphere. To match our claim “your home at your hands”, we train our products in their field of application.

Alternatively, the booked seminars can also be held on your own premises.

If the binding booking of a seminar is cancelled, the costs incurred by HomeBraceGermany GmbH (e.g. cancellation fees for hotel bookings, seminar room and catering) will be charged to the partner.