MyEcc and MyArm

Drive your wheelchair safely and adjust your sitting position with just your eyes -
and look forward to a whole new quality of life! refundable

MyEcc in use

Your HomeBrace eyegaze control system helps you to control your electric wheelchair independently. The MyEcc app converts eye movements from any eyegaze control device to mouse movements, enabling you to drive your wheelchair safely and adjust your seating position.

In combination with MyArm, the distance between eye control and eye is always right, whether you're sitting, lying or standing. The mechanical arm engineered from premium powder-coated stainless steel fits every conventional voice input device and is mounted to the wheelchair's biomechanical length adapter.


Benefits of MyEcc | MyEcc Pupil


Picture of the managing director Thomas Rosner with the MyEcc installed on a wheelchair Picture of the MyEcc on the mechanical arm Image of a user in front of the MyEcc user interface Picture of Managing director Thomas Rosner and a user, both smiling Picture of managing director Thomas Rosner, he explains the MyEcc to a user

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