MyEcc Pupil

Control your power wheelchair safely with just your eyes – indoors and out! refundable

German Design Award 2021
Special Mention Award by Focus Open 2020
glasses to control your wheelchair

MyEcc Pupil is a special control module developed and designed specifically for people who can only move their eyes.

The main feature is the headset with a sensor that tracks eye movement and uses the attached software to move the wheelchair in the direction the person is looking. MyEcc Pupil allows people with conditions like ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis) to move their wheelchair independently in every direction and stop it by closing their eyes. You can also use MyEcc Pupil to adjust the seating or move a robotic arm.

What makes MyEcc Pupil absolutely unique is that it is the only eye-controlled assistive device for power wheel chairs that works outdoors and in bright sunlight. That’s why MyEcc Pupil comes with phototropic lenses.
Our product specialists can meet with you for a product trial to choose the right arm length from the three versions available, making sure that your MyEcc Pupil glasses sit properly and that your eye movement tracking sensor is in the right position.


Benefits of the special control MyEcc


Image of MyEcc Pupil with movable camera and interchangeable temples Photomontage of man in a wheelchair adjusting his sitting position with the MyEcc Pupil special control Photo shows man adjusting the sensor on the MyEcc Pupil glasses Photo of man in wheelchair with robotic arm and special control MyEcc Pupil

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